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Telemedicine is a healthcare delivery model established over 40 years ago, beginning as a way for hospitals to extend care to patients in remote areas. Since then, the use of telemedicine has spread across the globe, and through technological advances, it has transformed into an efficient and convenient model of care.

DrsOnCalls is a telemedicine platform to a network of thousands of doctors in every specialty. We are your one-stop site for all your healthcare service and medical supplies needs. Here you will be able to search and schedule an appointment with highly rated doctors in every specialty, gender, the language they speak and their costs. Search for the most affordable medical supplies and specialty clinics without the hassle of calling each office for their pricing and availability.

When you’re not feeling well, the last thing you want to do is leave your home. Drs.OnCalls offers you medical consultations in the convenience of your own home without having to deal with the long wait and noisy waiting rooms. Just tell us your symptoms and personal details, and within minutes, one of our experienced Board Certified doctors will call you for a medical consultation to help you make an informed decision about your health; Call in your prescription at a local pharmacy of your choice, and have it delivered to your door. It’s that easy! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide access to quick, convenient and confidential medical consultation via video call over the web or mobile app without the long queues, waiting times and paperwork at a hospital or clinic.

Your credit card will be billed prior to the call with a doctor. We accept any major credit cards.

We are in the process of integrating insurance verifications and billing into our platform. Patients will be notified via our monthly newsletter as soon as it becomes available.

Pricing is based on your type of visit and depends on your coverage and fees. We offer three different types of services. Here are our Fee Schedule: Virtual Calls - $49; House Calls - $200; Concierge Medical - call for membership options.

DrsOnCalls providers will prescribe medication in the State they are licensed in. Narcotic pain relievers and controlled substances regulated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, regulated under State law, or drugs considered to be “elective” medications, such as medications to treat erectile dysfunction, hair loss and weight loss, will not be prescribed or renewed by DrsOnCalls medical providers. We do not guarantee a specific medication will be prescribed if requested, should the medication be in violation of DrsOnCalls Treatment Policies or not medically appropriate. Upon the completion of your virtual consult, the prescribing doctor will call in your script to the pharmacy of your choice. If you are on travel and away from your home state, the prescribing physician will call in your script to a local pharmacy of your choice in the state you are physically located.

When you signed up for an account, you will be asked for your birthday, address, phone number, email address, insurance information and credit card. So our doctors can easily reach you. We will send you appointment reminders and follow up calls as well as recommendations to other providers if necessary, as per your preference. Other personal details that the nurse or physician may ask of you will be for medical diagnosis purposes only. Our unique Patient Management System guarantees privacy and confidential record keeping of all details shared during your medical consultation.

For any non-emergency medical condition, you may have any time, any day. We offer Immediate medical consult for acute problems, by licensed and Board Certified doctors. A second opinion if you’re looking for more information on a previous diagnosis – our doctors can re-evaluate your symptoms or explain other possible treatment options. Recommendations of specialized doctors in your area for an in-person appointment, if further care or assessment is necessary. If you’re feeling the onset of flu symptoms – a fever, cold or body aches and you’re simply not able to take the time needed to visit a clinic? If you have a skin condition, such as a rash or a freckle. See What We Treat page for a list of conditions we treat. Please note: We do not provide emergency medical services. In the event of an emergency, dial 911 for ambulance or emergency services. Please note: We do not provide emergency medical services. In the event of an emergency, dial 911 for ambulance or emergency

Yes, our providers speak English and some speak multiple languages.

We do not issue a refund. We issue credits for the scheduled consult the same day. You may call our helpline at 1-800-652-5580 to reschedule a call or appointment at a later date or time. For BOOKED APPOINTMENTS, patients are notified via text and email 24 hours prior to the appointment. If you didn't cancel 24 hours prior, you will not get a refund or credit.

Yes. Privacy and Confidentiality apply to telemedicine as much as they do to one that's face to face. DrsOnCalls take extreme measures to protect your personal information and complies with HIPAA laws, which aim to prevent private or secure medical documents from being compromised.



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