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A health care network designed to make it easier for your staff to take care of their health

Your employees can obtain health care services anytime, anywhere, for non-emergency medical services to more than 40 specialists. All our providers keep a single electronic health record for added convenience. This helps save time so they can receive the care they need more quickly.

Our approach to health care is driven by prevention

At Drs. On Calls we understand the value of having a healthy and productive employees.

This is why we strive to offer you a great network of comprehensive health services, with access to the care you and your employees need, when you need it.

Why are we a good partner for your business?

Access to the most comprehensive providers nationwide

#1 trusted and leader in Telehealth solution

Wide range of services to cater to the specific needs of your company and your employees


Your employees will have access to fully integrated medical and behavioral health care services

  • Preventive Health
  • Chronic Care
  • Behavioral Health
  • Urgent Care
  • Cost Savings
  • Expanded Access


For companies with more than 50 employees, we have a wide array of alternatives that adapt to the individual needs of your team

You also get:

A service team assigned to you
Well-being campaigns
Electronic eligibility management


Convenient access to care

Employees can simply login to a web-based communication system from any device to speak with a physician who will determine the nature of the health concern. If the health need is emergent, the doctor can advise the patient where to receive immediate care.


Better access to health care services

One particular benefit of telemedicine is the ability for employees who live in remote regions or those where doctor's offices are limited, to access the proper care. For those who live in rural areas, rough terrain, or during emergency situations when they cannot get to a nearby hospital for care, a telemedicine doctor can instruct the employee on what to do to protect his or her health until they can get to a physical medical office.

This is also great for those employees who work long hours or cannot take time off from work for doctors appointments, including those with chronic health conditions.


Little to no wait time for medical attention

Outside of emergency care, most consumers of health insurance products must wait for weeks and even months to get in for care. This is often the case with specialists as well as even for routine medical care like physicals and immunizations. Many people just don't have the patience or the ability to wait that long to talk with a doctor about a pressing health concern. Telemedicine appointments can happen immediately with some plans, which can take place virtually.


Health care costs are reduced

In most cases, the use of telemedicine services helps to reduce the cost associated with using insurance benefits. The average cost of a virtual telemedicine visit in the US is around $50, while a visit to a primary care physician can cost between $150, an ER visit is $1400. This is according to UnitedHealthcare data from a 2016 study. Obviously, there is a huge difference in cost, but also the care level is a lot less involved. But for a consumer with frequent health care concerns, this can add up to major cost savings over time.

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Access to hundreds of health care professionals, so your employees can get help when they need it most.

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