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With Drs. on Calls, we put patients first. We are available to speak with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call a doctor anytime, anywhere you are. Rate your doctor, we’ll listen. Your feedback helps us make every call a 5-star experience.

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The Company

Drs. On Calls is a telemedicine platform that develops, markets and operates House Medical Calls, Virtual Telemedicine Service and Concierge Medical to a network of experienced, licensed and board certified healthcare professionals especially trained to provide highly encrypted, high quality, convenient medical consultations in the comfort of your own home via web and mobile app.

We offer our services with high level of dedication, convenience, and professionalism. Our doctors are able to exchanges ideas, bring expertise and diverse perspectives to help solve some of healthcare’s toughest issues.

Our system guarantees quick response times and highly encrypted record keeping. Should your condition be of such a nature it cannot be resolved through a video call, we will recommend specialized doctors in your area that are covered by your insurance plan for an in-person visit.


Customer Reviews

  • Atul

    Excellent service

  • Maria

    Great platform

  • Vidhi


  • Mandeep


  • QA & Test

    Good job

  • Michael


  • Maria


  • Yeida

    Perfect call!!

  • Yeida

    It was perfect!

  • Yeida

    Love the cat on the video. Made the call more fun!

  • Mandeep


  • Yeida

    Awesome call. Thank you for your help!

  • Yeida

    Great call. Thanks doc

  • Prod


  • Dr. Morrow was very kind and accommodating. Definitely a 5 star! Thank you Dr. Morrow

  • Great service!!

  • I love Drs. On Calls app. Still minor issues but it works great!! Didn’t need to leave my home to see a doctor.

  • Worked perfectly!! It’s all that I needed! Thank you Drs. On Calls.

  • awesome call with Dr. Test

  • Dr. Baker is such a wonderful Doctor. Very caring and really cares about her patients. Thank you Dr. Baker for your patience with me and for helping me feel better. I highly recommend Dr. Baker to anyone. The video call works great and very easy. Def...

  • Had a call with Dr. Baker. She is lovely and very patient. Drs. On Calls is a wonderful service, affordable and convenient! Just need to fix website's minor glitches. I definitely recommend Dr. Baker to future patients. Thanks again Dr. Baker!

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