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Dr. Sidhant Bhargawa

  • Qualification: M.D. Physician
  • Specialization: General Physician
  • Member ID: BHA012722-
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  • Company Name: Dr. Sidhants Clinic
Sidhant Bhargawa
Dr. Sidhant Bhargawa is a board-certified General Medicine practitioner with a deep-rooted passion for comprehensive patient care across all age groups. His dedication lies in promoting good health and preventing medical issues by advocating healthy lifestyle choices, including exercise and a balanced diet. Dr. Bhargawa possesses extensive expertise in diverse medical settings, including hospitals, telemedicine, Clinical Second Opinion services, clinical research, and remote offshore and onshore sites. His strong background includes working with international and low-income populations, reflecting his commitment to accessible healthcare. Dr. Bhargawa adopts an innovative approach to address both physical and psychological conditions, utilizing natural remedies and medications when necessary to achieve optimal patient outcomes. He believes in the profound connection between physical fitness and mental well-being and personally maintains an active lifestyle through daily swimming and workouts. His philosophy underscores the value of earning a fit body, a tranquil mind, and a loving home, as these are priceless treasures that cannot be purchased.
  • Specialization

    General Physician
  • Languages Spoken

    English, Hindi.
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