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Dr. Gayatri Sahu

  • Qualification: B.H.M.S. M.Sc in Clinical Psychology
  • Specialization: Psychology
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  • 1. Haridwar Uttarakhand, Haridwar, India, 249401
  • Company Name: Jumping Minds Ai Private Limited
Gayatri Sahu
I am Dr. Uma Maheswari S, MD Psychiatry from the prestigious Osmania Medical College. I have special interest in practicing psychotherapy and believe in the integration of therapeutic modalities in addition to pharmacology for the improved treatment in Psychiatry. I also practise hypnotherapy having obtained a certificate for cognitive hypnotic coaching from ICHARS. I dream of a stigma free society where mental health issues are openly discussed and help is sought without judgement."10 yrs of experience in Homeopathic Practice & 5yrs+ of experience in Psychological counselling.
Expertise in Dealing with Psychological and mental health related issues. Like mood swings, Anxiety,
Anger, irritability, negative thoughts, over thinking & Sleep disorder (insomnia) ,family and
relationship ship problems ,work life inbalance, feeling of loneliness ,grief and dealing with other
physical health issues.
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    English, Hindi.
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