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Dr. Caroline Andrade

  • Qualification: Optometrist
  • Specialization: Pediatric Optometry, Behavioral Optometry, Occupational Eye Health and Safety
  • Member ID: AND072220-
  • Location: Virtual Appointments on DrsOnCalls
  • Company Name: FDM Vision Care New York, New York, United States, 48019
  • Licensed In: NCR (National Capital Region), NCR (National Capital Region)
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About Caroline Andrade

Dr Caroline Andrade is a Clinical Optometrist and  Resident  at FDM Vision Care Research and Training Institute. She has completed a Behavioral Optometry course on Every Patient Every Day and Practical Vision Therapy conducted by Australian College of Behavioral Optometrists (ACBO). She has completed a course in Orthokeratology, Selection of OKLs of standard design, and Myopia Control at RAMOO Russina Academy of Medical Optics and Optometry. She completed courses on Biomicroscopy Examination Techniques,  Amblyopia - new evidence, Pediatric Optic Nerve Problems,  Binocular Vision: Are two eyes better than one, What’s “New” in Amblyopia Research, and Baby Steps to Eye Care for Infants and Young Children, all conducted by the World Council of Optometry. She completed a course on Pediatric’s Behavior Optometry, and “Functional Vision Assessment for Children with Learning Disabilities at FDM Vision Care Research annd training Institute.


  • Specialization

    Pediatric Optometry, Behavioral Optometry, Occupational Eye Health and Safety
  • Languages Spoken

    English, Tagalog.
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