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Dr. Anilin Samonte Cruz

  • Qualification: Behavioral Optometry, Eye Care, Occupational Eye Health and Surgery, Pediatric Optometry
  • Specialization: Occupational Eye Health and Safety, Optometrist
  • Member ID: CRU072220-
  • Location: Virtual Appointments on DrsOnCalls
  • Company Name: FDM Vision Care New York, New York, United States, 48019
  • Licensed In: NCR (National Capital Region), NCR (National Capital Region)
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About Anilin Samonte Cruz

Dr. Anilin Samonte-Cruz is a licensed Optometrist, a Vision Care Specialist who provides comprehensive eye and vision examination, diagnose and manage various vision abnormalities including refractive errors as well as various eye anomalies. She participated in Specialty Trainings of the Optometric Extension Programs and FDM Vision Care Research and Training Institute. She manages the Samonte Eye Care Optometric Clinic and as an Occupational Eye Health and Safety Practitioner, she provides eye health and vision care services in different Industrial Companies nationwide in the Philippines.


  • Specialization

    Occupational Eye Health and Safety, Optometrist
  • Languages Spoken

    English, Tagalog.
  • Experience