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Dr. Ajay Wishwas

  • Qualification: MBBS, DNB
  • Specialization: Pediatrician
  • Member ID: WIS052423-965
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Ajay Wishwas

<span style="color: rgb(55, 65, 81); font-family: Söhne, ui-sans-serif, system-ui, -apple-system, " segoe="" ui",="" roboto,="" ubuntu,="" cantarell,="" "noto="" sans",="" sans-serif,="" "helvetica="" neue",="" arial,="" "apple="" color="" emoji",="" "segoe="" ui="" symbol",="" emoji";="" font-size:="" 16px;="" white-space:="" pre-wrap;="" background-color:="" rgb(247,="" 247,="" 248);"="">My mission as a pediatrician is to provide compassionate and comprehensive healthcare to children, ensuring that they receive the best possible care from infancy through adolescence. I believe that every child deserves a nurturing and supportive environment to thrive in, and I strive to create that environment in my practice.

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